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Building Teams That Achieve 10X Sales.

Capabilities & Advisory Services


sales strategy

Developing a sales and business development strategy is often a first step for many of our clients. We provide advisory services to help define key strategy initiatives and plan sales execution. Clients also engage Hanali to assist with the evaluation of current strategy to identify areas for improvement around revenue growth. 

  • Acquiring product-market fit with early customers

  • Optimizing sales and marketing enablement

  • Targeting key sales opportunities

sales management

Managing sales teams requires a unique set of skills, that go beyond typical people management practices. Sales managers must be able to anticipate the needs of their salespeople to remove obstacles in their sales process, identify negative behaviours before they impact sales performance and know how to coach and motivate salespeople to retain talent.

  • Pipeline management and team forecasting

  • Optimizing sales team quota, territories & compensation

  • Sales team management, restructuring and hiring talent

sales process improvement

We see businesses struggle frequently with establishing and following a sales process. Following a standard and scalable sales process is critical to achieving continued revenue growth. Optimizing prospecting, testing campaigns and tracking key stakeholders are tactics used to accelerate the sales cycle.

  • Sales process optimization & implementation

  • Sales cycle acceleration

  • Campaign development & lead generation

training and coaching

Not all sales teams are equal - we apply a systematic approach to assess the skills of your salespeople which enables us to design custom training and coaching programs. Hanali has significant experience in building out and launching on-boarding and sales kickoff programs for clients. Customized executive and sales management training is also available.

  • Tailored sales training & coaching to retain talent

  • Sales assessments for hiring and structuring teams

  • Building out and launch sales playbooks for new hires


Determining how much to charge customers poses it’s own unique set of challenges, especially in today’s competitive market. Price changes can significantly impact the bottom line - if done incorrectly, you risk losing opportunities and disrupting your sales pipeline - if done right, your sales revenues and market share increase.

  • Pricing research & analysis of market and competitors

  • Price list development and validation

  • Price increase and discount rate de-risking

sales tools & analytics

Beyond providing a static snapshot of your sales pipeline in a dashboard, we provide you the assistance to uncover potential opportunities for new revenue that maybe hidden in your data. Hanali has the expertise to analyze and identify patterns to increase cross sell and up sell opportunities. We’ll help your sales organization, implement the right tools at the right time.

  • Uncover new opportunities through sales analytics

  • CRM and marketing tool implementation & optimization

  • Improve sales forecasting and pipeline management