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What Is Human Centered design?

Human Centered Design commonly referred to as HCD was developed by the designing consulting firm IDEO. The beauty of this process is that it allows individuals and teams to rapidly innovate through the development of viable solutions that are feasible and provide desirable outcomes. HCD is commonly used for design problems and service design, HANALI has adapted this methodology to help optimize the selling process. 

The HCD process reduces the risk of building a solution that will not have the desired effect of achieving our clients business objectives

Through the Human Centered Design process we can design desirable solutions, that are viable for your business and feasible with the resources and technology available. It does not matter whether you are selling a service or a product or if you have a complex sales cycle - the three stage process of HCD can be adapted to help you close the sale.

We treat our customers as partners, keeping them updated throughout our engagement - this ensures our work is aligned with their expectations.

We believe sharing knowledge is the one of the best ways to encourage conversation and collaboration to help generate new ideas, that could be the solution for our customer's problems.

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