At HANALI we use the Human Centered Design (HCD) process. This process allows us to to arrive at solutions that achieve a delicate balance between what is: 

desirable as an entrepreneur, viable for the business and feasible with technology and resources available.

Desirable (2).png

the human centered design process can be broken down into 3 basic steps



In this phase our goal is to understand what drives your business and the people behind it.

we will observe how your business works on a daily basis, by conducting interviews we will listen and understand your aspirations and vision for your business and through our own secondary research we will help you get smart on the challenges you face. 


At this stage we will share what we have learned by providing insights from the data collected and identifying design opportunities

We will generate ideas from the data collected and filter through them. we will produce tangible rough prototypes. Through a process of iterating, refining and building we will create a solution that you can deploy.




The final step is to bring your solution to market By keeping your customer at the heart of your process you will dramatically increase the success of your solution.

Building partnerships, refining your business model and piloting your idea all come into play whilst your bring your solution to life.