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Dedication. Urgency. Intelligence. Results.

Our mission is simple: Build the best sales teams for our clients.

At its core sales is about generating revenue, the lifeblood that drives growth within any business. When you hire our firm, our sole purpose is to build the engine that will generate a sustainable revenue pipeline as fast as possible for your business. We are dedicated to our profession as sales practitioners - we practice what we preach and we bring this diehard dedication to every client engagement. We operate under a constant sense of urgency, constantly driving momentum in the sale cycle. Our team is comprised of experienced sales professionals who apply their deep knowledge and expertise to drive results and execute.


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Ali Hanif

Ali founded HANALI on the principal that sales teams and salespeople often need assistance in overcoming certain obstacles that impede their performance. Ali is a firm believer in the value of creating unique customer experiences by using design thinking and a humanistic approach to selling. He has worked in enterprise sales for over 13 years with companies like the Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal and Thomson Reuters.




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Christine Ariella




Marko Filipovic